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Policy about the protection of the personal information

This site introduces beautiful scenery and information of the blossoms in nature of Okubo, Mikura, Mori-machi, Shuuchi-gun, Shizuoka.
This site will acquire personal information appropriately and manage and use it, based on each following basic policy and carry out protection of the personal information that conformed to the principle of Personal Information Protection Law or other statutes thoroughly.
  1. Basic policy about the acquisition
    This site acquires personal information from the person himself(herself) or other disclosure authorities by legitimate and appropriate means while disclosing the purpose.
  2. Basic policy about the management
    This site manages the personal information by taking legitimate and appropriate measures to prevent the improper situations such as unjust access, loss, destruction, manipulation and the leak of the personal information.
  3. Basic policy about the use
    This site uses personal information by legitimate and appropriate means within the purpose disclosed at the time of the acquisition.
  4. The basic policy about the offer to the third party
    This site does not offer personal information to the third party without permission of the person himself(herself) as a general rule.
  5. Basic policy about the securing of right of the person himself(herself)
    When there is a request from the person himself(herself), this site carries out disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension and offer stop to the third party about the personal information by legitimate and appropriate means as far as it is rational under normal social conventions.
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