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  1. This site has the copyright about all information of sentences, photographs and others placed in these webpages.
  2. You can't use these information by reproduction, modification, distribution and the public transmission without the prior permission of the copyright holder, unless it is accepted by Copyright Act like the personal use.

About the link to this site

The link to this site is generally free regardless of profit, non-profit. But if the link corresponds, or might correspond to any of the followings, please refrain from the setting of the link.
  1. The link site slanders this site or other companies (persons) or other groups. The link site includes the contents which aim at trust loss of this site or other companies (persons) or other groups.
  2. The link site infringes or might infringe the intellectual property rights such as the copyright and trademarks, property, privacy, right of likeness or other rights of this site or other companies (person) or other groups.
  3. The link site violates statutes including laws, ordinances and the regulations or the link site might interfere with the administration of this site.
  4. The link site lets you mistake an origin of information.


  1. We take no responsibility about the complaints to the link of this site.
  2. We may change the URL of this site without a notice.
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